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WebFWD and thesis progress

10 Nov 2011 by Forrest Oliphant

Meemoo is now supported by Mozilla's new WebFWD Innovation Accelerator! "It's about creating open solutions that push the Web forward, together." That sounded good to me. So far they have hooked my project up with some nice tech offers, and we have weekly learning sessions and calls with all of the involved projects. In December they are bringing us together for a face-to-face summit at Mozilla's HQ in California.

Last week I made a "first paper" presentation of Meemoo for my thesis class. The instructor and my peers seemed to get the idea, and it looks like Meemoo will become a part of Media Lab Helsinki courses and research.

Work on the graphing interface continues. I just made some changes that make dragging and resizing modules smoother. This work is in preparation for the next hurdle, the UX of connecting and disconnecting wires. Once that is done, import/export of compositions and saving to local storage (easy) will be all that is left before I'll start creating more demos to test/show what the system can do.

Zoomed out
Zoomed out

Last night a friend suggested that I implement zooming in the interface. I pinched my trackpad, and the interface zoomed out. Done! Building software in the web browser is cool like that.