meemoo hackable web apps

Google Summer of Code 2012

Meemoo is a framework for building creative web apps that are hackable by design. Any app that can be described by a data-flow diagram can be built in Meemoo. Modules are web pages with a little bit of js that defines the inputs and outputs.

We are seeking collaboration and contribution in the following fields:

One use: live animation

economic model screen shot
Another (very different) use: economic model

Some specific ideas:



App/module ideas

I’ll be looking for people that can work closely with me for the summer on these challenges. I’m in Helsinki, GMT+2, so we’ll have to agree on common working hours. 1/4 to 1/2 of our time should be spent using the framework to make creative apps, and the rest getting into the nitty-gritty.

The ideal candidate will have some combination of experience with Python, JavaScript, and flow-based programming, and a demonstrated ability to get up to speed with the other fields by the start.

Serious applicants will make a Meemoo module or app, and include a link.

Talk to me: email, mailing list, @forresto, or forresto on and