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MozFest call for video help

05 Nov 2012 by Forrest Oliphant

I’m getting ready to fly to London for Mozilla Festival. I’ll be presenting Meemoo at the Science Fair on Friday, hacking animations on Saturday at 10, and making live animation at the party.


One thing that I’d really like help with is making an introduction video for the project. It would be similar to a Kickstarter pitch, minus asking for money. If you have a good camera and mic and would be willing to help, please get in touch. It would be about 3 hours, which could be split among a few people, and I’ll do the editing after the event. Here are the shots that I would like to gather this weekend:

  1. A little bit of talking-head material that I’ll script before.
  2. Saturday 10am: Documentation of the Saturday workshop, with participants playing with creating and hacking tiny animations.
  3. Saturday 8pm: Documentation of the party’s live animation (shots similar to this party documentation).