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MozFest tiny film festival :-)

10 Nov 2012 by Forrest Oliphant

Just had our mozfest animation workshop, here is what we made!

Tiger catches bee. @kittycatalayna Tiger catches bee. @kittycatalayna

bees are buzzing @tangerinebee1 bees are buzzing @tangerinebee1

Stickman Flips! By @kittycatalayna Stickman Flips! By @kittycatalayna

The magical tongue @kingfred111 The magical tongue @kingfred111

kitten-catches-mouse by alayna @kittycatalayna kitten-catches-mouse by alayna @kittycatalayna

happy birthday firefox! @ioana_cis happy birthday firefox! @ioana_cis

rollin eyes @legocoder rollin eyes @legocoder

sam's awesome barrel roll sam’s awesome barrel roll

Smile!!! Smile!!!

prancy pony @ncasenmare
prancey pony @ncasenmare

papercraft #firefox loves the world @forresto
papercraft #firefox loves the world @forresto