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Open(Art) update

07 Jul 2013 by Forrest Oliphant


I’m updating more regularly than this blog. You can also see what Matthias, our Summer of Code contributor is up to.


I’m excited to be taking part of three events at Eyebeam NYC in the coming weeks:

July 12th - Open(Art) group exhibition opening. The exhibit will be up until August 10th.

July 13th - Educator media hacking workshop. We’ll be talking about potential ways to use hackable web apps in education.

July 15-19th - Animation workshop for teenagers. In this week-long workshop we’ll experiment with different kinds of animation with the goal of telling a larger story with small GIF animations.


I have been making some big changes in Meemoo, including one issue that has been open almost since the start of the project: nesting graphs inside other graphs. This is called a “macro” or “subgraph” in other environments, and is key to making big graphs more manageable. Here is a two-minute demo video, and you can try it out on the beta staging site.

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