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Google Summer of Code 2014

06 May 2014 by Vilson Vieira

GSoC 2014

Thanks to Mozilla I have a project accepted to Google Summer of Code! I am so excited and grateful to Mozilla, Forrest and the NoFlo/Flowhub team! This is my second time in the program: back in 2012 I was mentored by Forrest to work on Meemoo. This year I will be working under Forrest mentoring again, hacking on both Meemoo and NoFlo/Flowhub.

NoFlo is an open source JavaScript implementation of Flow-Based Programming that you can plug in many runtimes like Web browsers, Node.js, GNOME and even Arduino and other microcontrollers. NoFlo empowers Flowhub, a visual programming environment that makes possible to code without real code: like Meemoo, you can code just dragging-and-dropping boxes and plugging them together with wires.

The GSoC project idea is to implement main existing Meemoo modules as NoFlo components and subgraphs. Meemoo is strong in 2d drawing and animation so we will be creating NoFlo components and subgraphs to canvas 2d rendering. The main repository to follow for updates now is noflo-canvas and we wish to give some love to other component libraries like noflo-tween, noflo-webaudio and an upcoming noflo-three.

You can already give noflo-canvas a try running this example on Flowhub.

Glitch generator

We hope to get many of the existing Meemoo apps ported to NoFlo near the end of this summer and to create brand new ones. We also like to investigate ways to get Meemoo closer to WebMaker tools: maybe we could use MakeAPI to publish on Mozilla WebMaker Gallery.

This blog will receive weekly updates about what we are working on, so please keep following us!